Q: What does Cablecast Private Limited do?


A: Cablecast Private Limited is a National and Local Cable TV advertising solution provider that offers advertisers the ability to air their commercials across the Cable TV operators in Pakistan & Afghanistan.


Q: So, what’s so special in Cablecast?


A: We provide a one-window solution for all advertising requirements on the Cable TV medium – including media planning, media buying, post campaign reporting and financial documentation.


Q: Is the content aired on in-house cable TV channels legal or illegal?


A: Cablecast Private Limited has recently acquired cable rights to a content catalogue which has Hollywood, Bollywood movies and has also been verified by ‘Pakistan Advertiser Society (PAS)’ as a legitimate solution provider for cable advertising.


Q: Is Cablecast Private Limited a Cable Operator?


A: No, Cablecast (Pvt.) Limited is not a cable operator; we only provide National and Local Cable television advertising solution that offers advertisers the ability to air their commercials across the country.


Q: Who are Cablecast’s clients?


A: In the last 6 years Cablecast have serviced to the satisfaction of clients like Johnson & Johnson, Coke, Telenor, Nestle, Unilever, P&G, Loreal, Qubee, Wi-tribe and so on.


Q: Who can do business with Cablecast Private Limited?


A: We welcome and give services to:

• Clients with advertising needs.

• Content owners interested in distributing their content on local cable TV networks.


Q: What is your coverage area? In which areas of city are you operating?


A: The network of Cablecast expands over 150 cities/towns in Pakistan and this coverage area is still increasing.


Q: Which channels are available for cable TV advertising?


A: Star One, Sony, In-house Movie Channels (Yao Movies).


Q: What forms of advertising are offered by Cablecast Private Limited?


A: In-house Channel Commercial.

In-house Channel Scroll.

Multiple Branding (48 spots daily along with scrolls and logos).

Exclusive Branding (96 spots along with scrolls and logos).


Q: How is cable TV advertising tracked?


A: ‘CableCast’ has its own network of inspectors who report into the regional headquarters on all campaigns. We ensure the delivery of our message by embedding the advertisement in the software we distribute.














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