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As you know in today’s world where keeping us informed with the latest news and happenings around the world have become essential characteristic for being aware and up-to-date. Keeping in view the phenomenon of being informed, we at Karachi News are going to re-launch our news web portal for easy access to the news around the city of Karachi, Pakistan, and across the world. Our web portal i.e www.karachinews.com.pk is launched with the new theme called “Khabar Naye Andaz Se”.


The editorial board and the management of Karachi News is strictly adhering the principles and ethics of Journalism. We don’t encourage the sensationalism, sect based, community based or any other unethical practices for our web news portal – rather we encourage unbiased and sincere news to our readers and viewers. We at Karachi News are also focused to promote the abilities of common citizens and convey their problems/views to the higher authorities.


Karachi News also strives to breed positive thoughts leading to betterment of the Society and Nation as a whole and therefore, we provide the opportunities of online journalism to the youngsters in Pakistan. Hence, now Karachi News has become a symbol of online journalism in Pakistan.













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